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Dress Code

Dress Code Expectations

ROC Achieve believes that there is a positive relationship between scholar attire, achievement, attitude, and behavior. Our dress code policy is in place to establish dignity and professionalism in the classroom.

A scholar’s appearance and the grooming of scholars shall not interfere with the instructional program or create a health or safety hazard. ROC Achieve scholars are required to wear uniforms as an approach to improve school spirit and pride, as well as to serve as a social equalizer that promotes peer acceptance.

A pupil who goes to school without proper attention having been given to personal cleanliness, neatness of dress, or uniform will not be sent home or away from class. Rather, the consequence for violating the dress code will be fair and sensible; it may include uniform replacement, warning, or a more severe consequence depending on the number of infractions.

On the occasion, a scholar, or a cohort is allowed “Free Dress,” a letter will be sent home each time granting them permission to do so. If you do NOT receive a letter, do not allow your child to come to school out of uniform.

The school’s uniform policy will adhere to the following guidelines:

1. Scholars will wear agreed upon school colors and styles of shirt, sweatshirt, pants and shoes.
2. Any attire worn underneath ROC approved wear must be a solid color. Scholars will not wear hooded sweatshirts under their ROC Achieve Wear.
3. On Free Dress days, scholars shall not wear attire which names, advertises, or promotes products that are illegal for minors, including items related to drugs, alcohol, and tobacco.
4. On Free Dress days, scholars shall not wear attire which features offensive and/or vulgar words, pictures, or drawings, including naming advertising, or promoting sexually related products or activities.
5. On Free Dress days, scholars shall not wear attire, which includes words, phrases, or pictures that are derogatory regarding a person’s ethnic background, national origin, religious beliefs, gender, or disability.
6. On Free Dress days, scholars shall not wear attire that is unduly revealing, or attire that distracts from the educational mission of the school.
7. Scholars shall not have a hair style that is disruptive to learning or excessive makeup.
8. Scholars shall not wear necklaces larger than ¼”. Scholars shall not wear statement pendants. Scholars shall not wear earrings larger than a quarter.
9. Scholars are not allowed to wear jewelry in PE classes.
10. For reasons of safety, scholars will not be permitted to attend in bare feet and must wear closed-toe shoes.

ROC Achieve Approved Uniform

The Administrative Team, reserves the right to enforce, and/ or change any rule listed below in the interest of the safety of scholars and staff on a daily basis.

ROC Achieve Shirts: Scholars must wear Achieve Polos in the color assigned to that grade level. As an alternative scholars may wear ROC Achieve approved gear that has the ROC Achieve or ROC logos on them (i.e. ROC Achieve Gym shirts, jerseys, incentive t-shirts.)

ROC Achieve Bottoms: Black is the mandatory color of all bottom wear. Scholars can wear Pants/ Shorts/ Slacks/ Skirts/ or Skorts. Scholars are not permitted to wear jeans (any color, including black.) Leggings and spandex shorts can only be worn as an undergarment. Jeggings are not pants and can only be worn as an undergarment.

ROC Achieve Approved Attire:

ROC Achieve Footwear: Sneakers, shoes, and boots are allowed. Only on a business wear day, heels are allowed but cannot be more than 1.5” long and scholars are expected to participate in gym still with sneakers. No open toe footwear, including sandals, are allowed at any time.

Bandanas cannot be brought into school.

We will collect items at the door that violate the dress code

There are no cell phones during recess

The Administrative Team may establish reasonable additional regulations regarding scholar appearance and attire to be required of scholars who voluntarily engage in extracurricular or other special school activities.