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About Our School

ROC Achieve offers a unique, diverse, and top-notch education for scholars in Rochester, New York. It prides itself on its high expectations and rigor in all content areas, including ELA, Science, Math, and History. ROC Achieve also offers Theatre Arts, Visual Arts, Music, Health, PE, and Home Economics. ROC Achieve has an influential culture that supports literacy for all scholars. Every day, scholars have 45 minutes of DEAR (Drop Everything And Read) time. ROC Achieve's academic program pushes student-centered thinking in classrooms and offers additional academic support through intervention classes, tutoring, and after-school programs that engage parents in their scholar's success.


Our school acknowledges that scholars do not only learn in the classroom. Scholars explore what they are learning by going into the real world. Students attend such places as Rochester museums, gardens, and historical landmarks. After school programs include participation in inspiring and fun theatre productions twice a year, choir, and dance. Incoming 5th-grade ROC Achieve scholars visit SUNY Brockport during the summer before the onset of the regular school year to immerse them in university culture and inspire them with a vision of future university graduation.


ROC Achieve is an excellent place for scholars who love sports. ROC Achieve offers sports all year round and during the summertime including:


Fall: Boys and Girls Volleyball and Co-Ed Soccer

Winter: Wrestling and Boys and Girls Basketball

Spring: Co-ed Lacrosse, Baseball, Softball, Co-ed Track


ROC Achieve allows students to choose clubs after-school. Student-led clubs include: Young Men's Club, Young Ladies Club, Field Studies Club, Soccer Club, Theatre, Choir, Gaming Club and clubs continue to grow by scholars.


ROC Achieve's Summer program, ROC E6 Summer Camp includes Soccer, Baseball, Softball, Track, Lacrosse, Squash, Wrestling, Horses Friend program where scholars tend to horses and ride them in Rochester parades*


*Horses Friend Program is also year-round


ROC Achieve is also committed to building family and community through monthly Family Nights, which include:


*Valentine's Day Father-Daughter Cotillion Dance

*Mother's Day Mother-Son Dance

*Black History Month celebration

*Mentoring with Local Businesspeople program

*Awards ceremonies

*Monthly Data Meetings


ROC Achieve is committed to 100% college readiness for all scholars. ROC's commitment is that all scholars are proficient in English and mathematics within four years of being at ROC Achieve. All incoming 5th-grade scholars attend the Brockport College Campus for two days in the summer. Scholars are fully immersed in the college experience to increase the motivation to attend college and to allow our students the ability to speak with confidence when they declare that they are going to college.

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